Doxey Inc

  Consulting for CIOs from an experienced IT executive

Why Doxey Inc?

You can engage a large consulting firm and hope to get "an associate" experienced in your area of need, or you can deal with one person - a seasoned IT executive who has over 30 years of Fortune-100 IT leadership experience.

I do one consulting engagement at a time, tailored specifically to your objective.  It can range from highly strategic advice to "hands on" demonstration of process and methodology which leaves your staff with the ability to pick it up and continue.

Do you have a specific project, process, or strategic area that is in need of focused attention and advice? Bring in a senior, experienced executive to address and improve it, doing it the way that you want it done.

Get results fast, without paying large consulting firm rates - tailored to your specific problem at hand.

Where we are able to help you:

  • Suggest and demonstrate ways to take unnecessary costs out of your operation
  • Help you understand and manage your IT Portfolio: Projects and Applications
  • Implement processes and techniques to effectively manage your vendors,  assets, and licenses
  • Improve the utilization of your staff through resource planning and allocation methods
  • Improve your business client relationships through transparency and partnership techniques
  • Structure your organization and management team to align and engage your business partners
  • Understand and consider different IT funding and budgeting approaches
  • Work with business partners to effectively prioritize IT investment
  • Make your Service Delivery Metrics work for continuous improvement and business communication

We approach every engagement with the goal of not only resolving your problem, but also transferring the knowledge and experience to your staff that will allow them to continue and expand the solution.